Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011 !

New fresh start :)

Yay ! Today will be the new start of everything :) New beginning, new fresh start. I want to change all the bad stuffs about me, into good. And hopefully all the good in me will remain. Note-to-self ---> Please be more rajin after this, force your lazy ass to start working. You, I believe, had done absolutely nothing (insert excessiveness a bit). I mean, you didn't give all out. Only 10% out of 100%. Shame on you. You could do a lot better than 2010 but it's past now. So change. Seriously. I'm dead serious >:(

Bring it on !

Trust me, I'm really hoping that 2011 will be a hella year for me. 2011 is very very important for me since it will decide how my life is going to be. So please 2011, pleaseeeee be good to me :/ A certificate of DELF B2 is a necessity. Note-to-self again ---> You're not studying engineering anymore okay. It won't be that tough. It's just linguistics. It will be abso-bloody-lutely ridiculous if you can't even pass your DELF B2. I mean, do I even have to explain it to you? You already know it. So please, do appreciate this opportunity, you'll get this chance only once in a life time. (Okay, did I just made linguistics sound easy? Sorry it's not. It is NOT easy, at all. Really.)

Hell yeah it will ! (Or hopefully it will :/)

P/S : All pictures above are the courtesy 
of Tumblr-ians. They are not mine.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Be the first of your friends to like this.

I've just added this to my blog ! Am excited a lil bit :D I knoww, so lame rightt -.- This is sooo last year, people had this ages ago. Don't blame me laa, I'm a busy woman :p 

College will be starting in less than 5 days, and I haven't touch my homework since the first day of holiday. I'm freaking out, really. But by just freaking out, won't get my ass to start working. So let's just ;

Haven’t touch my homework since the first day of holiday :S

(*courtesy of Tumblr)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A short wishlist of mine

1. A bow necklace

Believe it or not, I'm still looking for this bow necklace and unfortunate for me that I still couldn't find this bow necklace for maybe around more than 5 months of searching? So please people, help me find this. I want exactly like this :(

(via lamemonster)

2. A red plimsoll shoes

Any brand will do. But Vans is on top of the list.

(via vitalifevida)

3. A military inspired jacket/top

(via whatiseedotdotdot)

4. Fish Eye !

I don't exactly know why, but I think I'm into this lomography thingy now :p Not that I'm already involved in this field but I really want to. Just cause :) I want to own a Holga too or perhaps a Diana+ but a really close friend of mine already have the Diana+, so I can just borrow it from him anytime.


want these!


Is there anything else that I should say? 

Volkswagen The New Beetle Barbie Edition!

6. Volkswagen The New Beetle Barbie Edition! :O

OH-MY-GOD! I didn't know there's such thing! A Barbie edition of The New Beetle? No way, can't be true! Like seriously? :O :O :O
If it does exist, then I GOTTA OWN IT !
Can I daddy? (*rolling eyes while doing the puss in boots's face*)

(via danyooo)

7. Going to Paris :)

And finally, Paaaaaaaaaaaris! :D Tick tock, tick tock, time is running out. You better study well and pass your DELF B2 Nabila. If you don't, then Paris will always be just a dream.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facebook Drama



Friday, June 4, 2010

Follow me via Facebook

Hi :D
Just put up this widget into my blog a couple weeks ago.
Now, you can still follow me even if you don't have a blogger account.
You can just follow me via Facebook!
In order to do that, you have to log in your facebook account first.
and then browse into my blog and click that blue button, alright?
Bye :D

Monday, May 31, 2010

Current wallpaper

Tomorrow, class starts at 1030 am. So, it's okay to sleep a lil bit late tonight, hee :p
I'm continuing my studies now, at UiTM Puncak Alam and I'm doing Foundation in Engineering. Stop asking.
Well, the place is nice because it's still new. And we're the first batch who regstered here so that make us Pioneers. But not everything is well organized. Sumpah kena buat escalator, tangga dia tinggi mcm boleh naik cable car! Tak tipu, serious! -________-" And what's with the FSK 1,5 FF 2 Bilik PA5? SO CONFUSING =.=

Cafe Anggerik boleh belah laaa, sedap! But expensive. But it's worth it, I think. Because banyak sgt! Boleh makan dua orang. So sesiapa budak Puncak Alam yang baca benda alah apa yg aku tulis ni, sila take note. One dish is for 2 people. Kalau korg makan sorg, takkan habis. Makanan dia mostly cost RM 9.90.  But air dia murah pulak. Wayyy cheaper lah kalau compared to the food. Sarah ckp macam harga pasar malam -.-" Ice blended, milkshake semua are just like RM 2.50 each. Okay lah kan? Sebab besar tau glass dia! Kalau air biasa macam blackcurrent, ice lemon tea RM1.70. Serious glass dia besar. Boleh minum 2 orang jugak.

Okay, mesti korang was like  "Apa kena mengena dgn tittle post budak ni?"
Ohh saja je nak tunjuk wallpaper saya, macam lawa :p

Lawa tak? Lawa kan? :p

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just went for my braces appointment yesterday.
So as usual, the doctor will ask me what colour do I want.
and I chose RAINBOW :D

Now, my teeth are aching :'(
sbb the doctor pasang getah and tukar besi baru.
She ketatkan lah and now sakit gila! :(
Kena makan bubur McD je, tp nsb baik bubur McD is one of my favourite food. 
So, mcm best lah jugak :)

tp sakit :S

                                           p/s : gambar tu aku taknak buat extra large 
sbb nty nmpk benda benda yg tak
sepatutnya kat muka aku tu :p

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lessons for today

These past few days have been rough for me.
I had to face so many complicated and complex problems that you will most probably couldn't understand.
Some understands me, some does not.
It became tougher when those who's not are the ones I'm close to.
Sometimes I feel like there's no shoulder to lean on.
But friends showed me that I'm wrong :')

Today, I followed my dad to his office to print out some papers due to my college registeration.
My parents knew there's something wrong with me.
I've been very very moody.
They can tell by looking at my face.
Seriously, my face reveals it all. It can't hide anything.
On the way back, he gave me some lectures.
I couldn't hold my tears. My eyes leaked and my tears ran down like razor blades.

But everything was worth it.
The tears, also the lectures.
He taught me very important lessons that I will never forget.
1. Mum will always be right 
2. It's OKAY if we get hurt but it's NOT okay when we hurt someone.
3. No matter how mean life's treating us, remember that life has been treating other people worst,
So be grateful and stop complaining.
I understand everything now. I understand the circle of life. Thank you for making me understand that :')

I was being rude and that was very wrong and unacceptable.
My mum was right, I was being selfish :(
She cooked my favourite dish today eventhough I hurt her feelings.
 Sorry mum and dad, I didn't mean to do all the things I did.
I love you <3

p/s : I learned something about myself too. I have to cry when I'm sad because 
it'll make me feel so much better. It's like I let the sadness go (ececeh, ayat aku pun kan :p)
and I can't skip sembahyang. because everytime I did, something bad will happen to me :S

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bow Necklace

Korang, I want this bow necklace badly tau :'( I've been searching for months but tak jumpa jumpa :'(
So kalau korang jumpa this bow necklace being purchased anywhere, please inform me alright?
Tak kisah lah stores kat mana ke, blogshops ke, but make sure the blogshops tu from Malaysia lah ye? 

Tengok ni, Betty pun ada. Nak jugak :'(

My body isn't perfect.
I don't walk with confidence.
I get into fights with my parents and my friends.
I cry over the smallest things.
There are days that I get through with forced smiles and faked laughs.
Sometimes, I try to convince myself that things are okay when they're not.
I'm not ugly but I'm not beautiful.
I don't look as good in real life as I do in pictures.
There are some nights that I cry myself to sleep.
I constantly think that I'm not good enough.
I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mara intervew (Part 2)

Okay, aku rasa aku dah tak penat kot nak type ni :D
So, continue eh? :p

Interviewers aku dua orang, satu japanese guy and another one was a malay woman with tudung.
That japanese guy seems friendly because he was smiling a lot, handsome pulak :p but the woman was like a bit garang lah. So, it kinda increased my cuak-ness lah. 

The first thing he asked me to do is to introduce myself and I was told by those who has the experience that you have to talk about your achievements and all. So, I did. But tertinggal pasal kawad! Sedih tau :( because being apart of the marching squad is one of my greatest achievement! Tapi masa tu macam terlupa sana sini kan. So, hrm. There's nothing I can do now.
And the most hardest question lah kan, he asked me " What do you want in Japan?". In all of sudden, I can't think. My brain was frozen. Macam, tak terkeluar and know what I said? I want to learn Japanese culture -________- SO NOT what the interviewers want to hear Nabila! 

and they was expecting me to give looooooooong answers. After I answered their questions, they were like waiting for me to elaborate lah kot. -____- I'm not good at membebel. Eh salah tu. I'm freaking good at membebel but not membebeling about engineering!  -.-"

And last sekali tu, they asked me. What is your favourite subject?  And I answered " Physics and Maths" (temberang sikit lah kan :p) Then he said "Oh okay then. I'll ask you Physics questions" and I was like "What????????????????????" (dalam hati lah of course but I think they can tell by looking at my facial expressions. You guys know how good I am at doing facial expressions kan?  So yeah) 
And I cepat cepat cakap " But Maths is better!" Then he just smiled and asked me Physics questions! 
and bila I nampak je soalan tu, I was like Damn! Pasal current, voltage bla bla bla semua tu kot! 
Nasib baik aku ingat V=IR. Dah la, dia tak bagi kertas ke apa. Dia just hold the questions and we have to answer on the spot! Haaaa, korang bayangkan je laaaaa -__________-
and the last question was soalan Maths yang paling senaaaaaaaaaaang sekali but guess what? AKU TAK BOLEH JAWAB. Yea, I don't know why. The question is effing easy but I just can't think.
Then that japanese guy said "Maybe you forgot, okay you can go now".

Then aku bangun je dari kerusi aku cakap "Err, maybe the answer is +-squareroot2".
I was expecting a nod or a "Yes, that is correct". But he just smiled and watched me walk away.

The End

So what do you think now after hearing my stories? Sorry, after READING my stories? 
Yes, I suck. Told ya.

Mara interview

There will be no pictures in this post. I'm going talk talk and talk, only,. Eh, you can't exactly hear me -_______-
Sorry lah, wrong term lah I use just now. I'm going to write write and write, only.
Mesti everybody macam malas nak baca kan? Tengok tulisan jeee banyak banyak. HAHA :D
Nevermind lah, I just want to membebel to my own blog :)

So, tadi I had a MARA interview
How was it?
I'm not going to consider that as a good one lah because, 
So, it's a booooooo (N)

I had to wake up early in the morning lah kan. That became one of the problems I had. My eyes were glued! Know why? Sebab dah tak biasa bangun pagi. Stock bangun pukul 11 je -____-
So, macam ngantuk lah kan. Dalam kereta bukannya think about what will the interviewers ask ke apa,
sambung mimpi malam semalam punya mimpi dalam kereta. Lagi sikit je nak terkeluar air liur basi.

So bila sampai je, macam terkejut gila! I thought sikit je orang sbb I thought ini untuk orang yang tak beberapa nak layak je like me. But then I tgk, mak aih. Ramai betul! and majority lelaki. Perempuan keciput jeee. So I had butterflies in my stomach! (sounds pretty lah 'butterflies in my stomach' HAHA)
Okay I know, mesti korg macam pelik je kenapa aku dapat interview tu. Everybody will wonder why and tadi masa dekat rumah Qilah memang semua tanya pun macam mana aku boleh dapat. Yelah, tengok lah result aku. Tak beberapa nak layak kan. Tak straight A's mcm korg :(

Aku taktau la macam mana aku boleh dpt, tp aku dpt lah. So aku pergi je lah kan walaupun aku macam tak berharap sgt on that. Just want to try my luck. Aku tau pun aku punya chances nak dapat very very low sbb orang yg beratur depan and belakang aku semua straight A's -___________- Ada yang from Asis lah, SMKA lah. So, masa beratur nak daftar je aku dah down.

So, masa dalam ruangan menungu, aku yang talk excessively ni pun make friends lah dengan dua orang guys ni. Ntah sape sape ntah. Aku main cakap je. Sbb dorang beratur at the back of me pun and kat depan aku. Sbb weh, macam tak ada perempuan kat situ. Lelaki je -_________- 

So, cakap cakap cakap. Aku macam cuak gila nak mati yang sampai naik RED TANK punya :O
Dorang buat research gila gempak ahh, pasal Japan and pasal Engineering yada yada yada. Aku dah la macam baca tips je the night before. Pastu aku wikipedia Electrical Engineering. -_________- Memang on that second, aku memang tau lah yang I'm DOOMED. So I was like redha gila and know what?! Dorang siap bawak buku reference PHYSICS wehh! Yes, the thick one. Kau jangan main main. Semua study physics dalam bilik menuggu eh. Sebab interviewers akan tanya questions about physics and math and I totally forgot it all! Berapa bulan weh since I left school? They expect me to still remember all of the formulas? Memang tak ah kan. Like I said, aku redha gila. LEK

And then my name was called. Aku masuk masuk je, aku tayang bracess. Biar nak kasi dorang nampak bling bling sikit. Aku rasa macam senyuman lebih menawan lah kan? Like over ceria? HAHA :D
 Then dorg tanya questions bla bla bla. Weh, aku penat lah type. Malam nanti lah aku sambung. Later!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This pain, I feel it won't go away.
I thought that from this heartache I could escape but I fronted long enough to know that there ain't no way.
Can't nobody do it like you?
Say every little thing you do?
All I do is lay around, full of tears from looking at your face on the wall.
Just a month ago you were my baby,
Now I don't even know you, I don't know you at all!
 And I wish you could call me right now, so that I could get through to you somehow.
Well, I thought I can just get over you but I see that's something I just can't do.
From the way you would hold me, to the sweet things you told me.
I just can't a way to let go of you.
But I know I should.

Monday, April 5, 2010

DIY Studded Jeans

Do you want your old jeans to transform to this?
Make your own studded jeans!
I'll make it easier for you just by following these simple steps okay? :)

All you need is just :

1. Your old plain pair of jeans

2. A packet of clip-on studs

If you are looking for these studs and you don't know where you can find these, just simply drive your car to Subang Parade. If you don't have a car,borrow your friend's car or ask them to give you a ride or perhaps take a cab or something and if it's too hard for you, Just Simply Walk okay? (dah start crapping dah -.-") Search for the flea markets and it's open ONLY during WEEKENDS. So, jangan nak pandai2 pergi during WEEKDAYS pulak ye? Tak ada, tak bukak masa tu -.-" They're only for RM10.00 per packet which contain 100 pieces of studs. Not bad at all huh? :)

And yeah, you have to use the clip-on studs for jeans because jeans are too thick for iron-on studs. You can only use iron-on studs on thin materials such as t-shirt, or skirt or yada yada yada.

And before you do anything, don't forget to PLAN first how you'd like your studded jeans to look like. Make a draft or something. Don't rush baby. :)

As for me, I wanted my jeans to look something like this ;

The clip-on studs look like this. 
And let these pictures do the talking and show you how to clip these on.

It will look something like this when you're done :)

I did the same thing and used the same design on the other side of the jeans because it will most probably look odd if you wanted to use different design right? Just imagine, hrmmm. Macam pelik je?! Tak kisah laaa. It's YOUR jeans :)

And Tadaaa! You have your own Studded Jeans! 
Hoyeahh! :D

AND you can even do it on the back pockets!
Your own style and creativity :)
(Ehem2, nak tiru saya pun, apa salah nya? HEHEHE :p)

So, my old jeans that I've been using since the last 4 years transformed from this ;

to this ;

No, aku tak terbantut! -.-
It's just that I don't have to wear a belt anymore! :)

So, hope you enjoyed my DIY project and do leave some comments yea? I really need to know what you think. I will really really appreciate that.(*wink wink) :p


Saturday, April 3, 2010

You don't know how much it means to me :)

Okay, this post might be 'perasan' a lil bit.
Fine! Not a lil bit but A LOT!

I just want to say Thank You to these unexpected people who gave encouraging comments on my previous post, DIY Project

They are Bubu from My Darling Bubu (Spain) , Femke from Fesi-Fashion (Germany, I think) and Ilanka from Fashionnerdic (Netherlands).
Give them a visit! They're AWESOME :)

I do not know where the hell did you guys found my blog but I Appreciate It A Lot!
and I'll do my best on my next DIY project.

And not to forget my lovelies, Atai from Pronounce it Klee-shay, Dian from The Mixed Tape and Insyirah from Laquacious Garrulous who have been there for me since day 1 :)


Friday, April 2, 2010

DIY Project

The basic plan was to make a DIY flower headband. I already got the band but I can't seem to find a perfect flower to attach to it. So, instead of a flower headband, I made this :

It might not look like those headbands in Forever21 but at least it look like A Headband :p

So, the first step is to make sure that you've prepared all of the materials needed as shown below

1. A plain headband
2. Beads or buttons or bejewel stuff that you prefer to attach to the headband. Or you can even mix it all together. Your choice and creativity :)
3. Strong glue (UHU or Gam Gajah) 


As for me, I've used the hair crunches and I took out the faux diamonds to be attached to the headband.


Since my sister bought a whole lot of these pretty hair crunches, some are not to be wore.
She bought these at GM Plaza in case you were wondering and the prices? You'll be shocked to death. Go and see it for yourself :)
So, the point is, why don't you use something at home which is unused and make it pre-loved rather than buying. Wasting is no good.


The original hair crunches with faux diamonds.


Then, I took out the faux diamonds.


I suggest you to plan first how you'd like your headband to look like instead of glue it right away.
You might take the wrong step and might not like how the headband turned out.
Once you glued it, there's no stepping back.
So, be wise :)
As for me, I glued the faux diamonds randomly on one side of the headband because I think random might cover the flaws I've made.


And Voila! A new jeweled headband into my collection! ;)


Oh, and it's inspired by my Forever 21 jeweled headband :)