Friday, April 2, 2010

DIY Project

The basic plan was to make a DIY flower headband. I already got the band but I can't seem to find a perfect flower to attach to it. So, instead of a flower headband, I made this :

It might not look like those headbands in Forever21 but at least it look like A Headband :p

So, the first step is to make sure that you've prepared all of the materials needed as shown below

1. A plain headband
2. Beads or buttons or bejewel stuff that you prefer to attach to the headband. Or you can even mix it all together. Your choice and creativity :)
3. Strong glue (UHU or Gam Gajah) 


As for me, I've used the hair crunches and I took out the faux diamonds to be attached to the headband.


Since my sister bought a whole lot of these pretty hair crunches, some are not to be wore.
She bought these at GM Plaza in case you were wondering and the prices? You'll be shocked to death. Go and see it for yourself :)
So, the point is, why don't you use something at home which is unused and make it pre-loved rather than buying. Wasting is no good.


The original hair crunches with faux diamonds.


Then, I took out the faux diamonds.


I suggest you to plan first how you'd like your headband to look like instead of glue it right away.
You might take the wrong step and might not like how the headband turned out.
Once you glued it, there's no stepping back.
So, be wise :)
As for me, I glued the faux diamonds randomly on one side of the headband because I think random might cover the flaws I've made.


And Voila! A new jeweled headband into my collection! ;)


Oh, and it's inspired by my Forever 21 jeweled headband :)



  1. Fatin D and Atai : Thanks! HEE :p

    dian : alamak, aku tak igt laaa, nty aku tny kakak aku ehh

  2. amazing DIY!
    Lovely blog!

    xx fesi-fashion

  3. eh eh!
    lawanye sayang!<3
    yang forever21 tu pun lawaaaa:p


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