Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A short wishlist of mine

1. A bow necklace

Believe it or not, I'm still looking for this bow necklace and unfortunate for me that I still couldn't find this bow necklace for maybe around more than 5 months of searching? So please people, help me find this. I want exactly like this :(

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2. A red plimsoll shoes

Any brand will do. But Vans is on top of the list.

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3. A military inspired jacket/top

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4. Fish Eye !

I don't exactly know why, but I think I'm into this lomography thingy now :p Not that I'm already involved in this field but I really want to. Just cause :) I want to own a Holga too or perhaps a Diana+ but a really close friend of mine already have the Diana+, so I can just borrow it from him anytime.


want these!


Is there anything else that I should say? 

Volkswagen The New Beetle Barbie Edition!

6. Volkswagen The New Beetle Barbie Edition! :O

OH-MY-GOD! I didn't know there's such thing! A Barbie edition of The New Beetle? No way, can't be true! Like seriously? :O :O :O
If it does exist, then I GOTTA OWN IT !
Can I daddy? (*rolling eyes while doing the puss in boots's face*)

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7. Going to Paris :)

And finally, Paaaaaaaaaaaris! :D Tick tock, tick tock, time is running out. You better study well and pass your DELF B2 Nabila. If you don't, then Paris will always be just a dream.


  1. nabila dear , i've seen a military jacket at zara but it was dark brown :)

  2. I envy you for getting the chance to go to France ! haha, good luck for your studies.

    and, Im looking for military inspired jacket as well, haishh lawa gila kott. (:

  3. The VW New Beetle Barbie Edition was actually on my sister’s wish list. She really wanted the car and she’s been convincing dad to buy it for her. Last year, on her 18th birthday, dad gave it as a surprise gift. She was so happy and was even got teary eyed when she saw this little car. I was really happy for her!

    >Erwin Calverley