Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011 !

New fresh start :)

Yay ! Today will be the new start of everything :) New beginning, new fresh start. I want to change all the bad stuffs about me, into good. And hopefully all the good in me will remain. Note-to-self ---> Please be more rajin after this, force your lazy ass to start working. You, I believe, had done absolutely nothing (insert excessiveness a bit). I mean, you didn't give all out. Only 10% out of 100%. Shame on you. You could do a lot better than 2010 but it's past now. So change. Seriously. I'm dead serious >:(

Bring it on !

Trust me, I'm really hoping that 2011 will be a hella year for me. 2011 is very very important for me since it will decide how my life is going to be. So please 2011, pleaseeeee be good to me :/ A certificate of DELF B2 is a necessity. Note-to-self again ---> You're not studying engineering anymore okay. It won't be that tough. It's just linguistics. It will be abso-bloody-lutely ridiculous if you can't even pass your DELF B2. I mean, do I even have to explain it to you? You already know it. So please, do appreciate this opportunity, you'll get this chance only once in a life time. (Okay, did I just made linguistics sound easy? Sorry it's not. It is NOT easy, at all. Really.)

Hell yeah it will ! (Or hopefully it will :/)

P/S : All pictures above are the courtesy 
of Tumblr-ians. They are not mine.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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I've just added this to my blog ! Am excited a lil bit :D I knoww, so lame rightt -.- This is sooo last year, people had this ages ago. Don't blame me laa, I'm a busy woman :p 

College will be starting in less than 5 days, and I haven't touch my homework since the first day of holiday. I'm freaking out, really. But by just freaking out, won't get my ass to start working. So let's just ;

Haven’t touch my homework since the first day of holiday :S

(*courtesy of Tumblr)