Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mara intervew (Part 2)

Okay, aku rasa aku dah tak penat kot nak type ni :D
So, continue eh? :p

Interviewers aku dua orang, satu japanese guy and another one was a malay woman with tudung.
That japanese guy seems friendly because he was smiling a lot, handsome pulak :p but the woman was like a bit garang lah. So, it kinda increased my cuak-ness lah. 

The first thing he asked me to do is to introduce myself and I was told by those who has the experience that you have to talk about your achievements and all. So, I did. But tertinggal pasal kawad! Sedih tau :( because being apart of the marching squad is one of my greatest achievement! Tapi masa tu macam terlupa sana sini kan. So, hrm. There's nothing I can do now.
And the most hardest question lah kan, he asked me " What do you want in Japan?". In all of sudden, I can't think. My brain was frozen. Macam, tak terkeluar and know what I said? I want to learn Japanese culture -________- SO NOT what the interviewers want to hear Nabila! 

and they was expecting me to give looooooooong answers. After I answered their questions, they were like waiting for me to elaborate lah kot. -____- I'm not good at membebel. Eh salah tu. I'm freaking good at membebel but not membebeling about engineering!  -.-"

And last sekali tu, they asked me. What is your favourite subject?  And I answered " Physics and Maths" (temberang sikit lah kan :p) Then he said "Oh okay then. I'll ask you Physics questions" and I was like "What????????????????????" (dalam hati lah of course but I think they can tell by looking at my facial expressions. You guys know how good I am at doing facial expressions kan?  So yeah) 
And I cepat cepat cakap " But Maths is better!" Then he just smiled and asked me Physics questions! 
and bila I nampak je soalan tu, I was like Damn! Pasal current, voltage bla bla bla semua tu kot! 
Nasib baik aku ingat V=IR. Dah la, dia tak bagi kertas ke apa. Dia just hold the questions and we have to answer on the spot! Haaaa, korang bayangkan je laaaaa -__________-
and the last question was soalan Maths yang paling senaaaaaaaaaaang sekali but guess what? AKU TAK BOLEH JAWAB. Yea, I don't know why. The question is effing easy but I just can't think.
Then that japanese guy said "Maybe you forgot, okay you can go now".

Then aku bangun je dari kerusi aku cakap "Err, maybe the answer is +-squareroot2".
I was expecting a nod or a "Yes, that is correct". But he just smiled and watched me walk away.

The End

So what do you think now after hearing my stories? Sorry, after READING my stories? 
Yes, I suck. Told ya.

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  1. HAHA.kelakar laa nabila.bdw,aku pon dpt intvw tu jgak.but,tak,tahniah laa sbb ko berani pg.wishing u goodluck babe:)