Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whaaat? Boleh jadi gila? :O

Hi bloggie! Long time no see!
Wait, takdelah 'long' sangat -.-

Holidays are overrr err errr T_T Back to the dreaded dugeon gahh! Yes, I'm now back in IPBA, living these torturing days, striving for DELF B2. Today is the fourth day of class, and I already received THIS BIG amount of assignments FML -.- As expected, the condition of the hostel was shitty. Me and Fathen had to rearrange all the furnitures in our room 'cause the space was this small. We had to pretend to be interior designers for a while, thinking how we can get some more space. And we managed to solve the assez compliquer problem! Hurrah! So clever, makan lah evening primrose oil and pharmaton macam saya :D Okay takda kena ngena. Kuat kot kitorang angkat 3 locker besi and all, we don't need a man HAHA. 

I know I've said nothing that link to the title of this post yet hihi. Here it goes. Betul ke tidur masa maghrib boleh jadi gila? :O Heard people say that a lot, but I'm never convinced. I mean, is that possible? Never until just now. It was cold and windy. What a perfect weather to sleep! I slept at 5.45 like that. And I asked Amoy to wake me up at 6.30. 

And she did not wake me up at 6.30 -.- Wait, she did! But I slept like a dead woman who will sleep for eternity. Not my fault, I was too exhausted :( Maybe she gave up and let me continue my sleep. I had a long long long sleep. And I was awaken by Amoy right after she finished bathing. The first thing I saw through the window, right after I opened my eyes, is the sun was about to rise, RISE ! WTF OMG AGDAHGSVDVT ! I slept all nite and now it's morning already! I haven't finished any of my assigments which the date line is like, today! Miss Teh, Monsieur Liew, takut nyaaaa tak siap kerja! Dah la bangun lambat! Baju tak iron lagi! Assingments tak siap lagi! It's official, I'm a dead meat!

So I rushed to the bathroom straight after I opened my eyes. I was a bit mad at Amoy and Fathen tho. How could they not wake me up when they knew I've tons of work left to do! Urghh, no time to regret. Need to think of solutions while bathing. Mandi cepat cepat, then terus iron baju. Tak payah nak lawa lawa sangat, terus lari pergi kelas and buat yang mana yang mampu. And then just redha kepada Tuhan yang Maha Esa. Okay set. 

"Allahuakbar, Allahuakbar" azan berkumandang. Eh baru azan? Dah pukul 7 lebih. Kenapa baru azan subuh? Hari dah agak terang dah pun. Hrm weird. Kenapa takda orang mandi pun? Selalunya berebut toilet. Senyap je semua orang. Peliknya. Waittt a second,  kejaaap, ehhh AZAN MAGHRIB KE TU?!


Hari ni masih hari khamis rupanya :D


I am now very thankful to God, that I'm not crazy yet. Okay jom sembahyang maghrib.

Till then.