Monday, April 5, 2010

DIY Studded Jeans

Do you want your old jeans to transform to this?
Make your own studded jeans!
I'll make it easier for you just by following these simple steps okay? :)

All you need is just :

1. Your old plain pair of jeans

2. A packet of clip-on studs

If you are looking for these studs and you don't know where you can find these, just simply drive your car to Subang Parade. If you don't have a car,borrow your friend's car or ask them to give you a ride or perhaps take a cab or something and if it's too hard for you, Just Simply Walk okay? (dah start crapping dah -.-") Search for the flea markets and it's open ONLY during WEEKENDS. So, jangan nak pandai2 pergi during WEEKDAYS pulak ye? Tak ada, tak bukak masa tu -.-" They're only for RM10.00 per packet which contain 100 pieces of studs. Not bad at all huh? :)

And yeah, you have to use the clip-on studs for jeans because jeans are too thick for iron-on studs. You can only use iron-on studs on thin materials such as t-shirt, or skirt or yada yada yada.

And before you do anything, don't forget to PLAN first how you'd like your studded jeans to look like. Make a draft or something. Don't rush baby. :)

As for me, I wanted my jeans to look something like this ;

The clip-on studs look like this. 
And let these pictures do the talking and show you how to clip these on.

It will look something like this when you're done :)

I did the same thing and used the same design on the other side of the jeans because it will most probably look odd if you wanted to use different design right? Just imagine, hrmmm. Macam pelik je?! Tak kisah laaa. It's YOUR jeans :)

And Tadaaa! You have your own Studded Jeans! 
Hoyeahh! :D

AND you can even do it on the back pockets!
Your own style and creativity :)
(Ehem2, nak tiru saya pun, apa salah nya? HEHEHE :p)

So, my old jeans that I've been using since the last 4 years transformed from this ;

to this ;

No, aku tak terbantut! -.-
It's just that I don't have to wear a belt anymore! :)

So, hope you enjoyed my DIY project and do leave some comments yea? I really need to know what you think. I will really really appreciate that.(*wink wink) :p



  1. your new love eh..
    well,goodluck with all your projects:)

  2. Rajin gle ko!
    Wat r corak pape ke.mnarek gk.

  3. nice one Nabila! :-) I did some studding on my blazer and shoes as well. Addictive kan?

    You kinda want to stud everything you own! Hahahaha.

  4. habis semua kedai kena tutup nabila tak shop kedai je:)

  5. nabilaa..
    u gilaa stud en..
    btw,,lawa laa diz tyme nye project..

    LOVE IT!! ;))
    creative btol~

  6. thanks everyone! HEHEHE :p

    syafiq, aku tak creative mcm maul la nak buat corak2 :(

    kak wowo, yup! totally addictive! <3 100 pieces seems not enough! seriious 100 pieces tu sikit and i nak buat kat my flats but tak reti :(

    fahmi, HAHAHA :D hadoyyy, lawak lah

    kak syue, agak gilaaa laaa. HAHAHA

  7. Nice one kiddo:P

    Jap, aku tahu kenapa jari ko macam tuu:DD


  9. lawa sangat jeans ni!:D
    nak satu barang studded!:DD
    love it!<3

  10. very cool

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  11. nabila,
    rjen gila lahh.HAHAHA.

    btw u still boleh
    pkai jeans last 4 years?
    o.o woohoo!

  12. Cute idea! Though I imagine pushing those studs through denim would hurt your (my) fingers after doing a few!

  13. great idea!!!!
    love it

  14. cool !
    i made studded jeans before, but yeah, not really success, hehe

  15. aku dah tgk dah seluar die .cantik .nabeela rasa hebat lah tu ?hehe

  16. I am so doing this to my old pair of jeans.. Haha! Thanks for the tip! How do you wash it though? Dry clean? Coz the studs might rust, right?