Monday, May 10, 2010

Lessons for today

These past few days have been rough for me.
I had to face so many complicated and complex problems that you will most probably couldn't understand.
Some understands me, some does not.
It became tougher when those who's not are the ones I'm close to.
Sometimes I feel like there's no shoulder to lean on.
But friends showed me that I'm wrong :')

Today, I followed my dad to his office to print out some papers due to my college registeration.
My parents knew there's something wrong with me.
I've been very very moody.
They can tell by looking at my face.
Seriously, my face reveals it all. It can't hide anything.
On the way back, he gave me some lectures.
I couldn't hold my tears. My eyes leaked and my tears ran down like razor blades.

But everything was worth it.
The tears, also the lectures.
He taught me very important lessons that I will never forget.
1. Mum will always be right 
2. It's OKAY if we get hurt but it's NOT okay when we hurt someone.
3. No matter how mean life's treating us, remember that life has been treating other people worst,
So be grateful and stop complaining.
I understand everything now. I understand the circle of life. Thank you for making me understand that :')

I was being rude and that was very wrong and unacceptable.
My mum was right, I was being selfish :(
She cooked my favourite dish today eventhough I hurt her feelings.
 Sorry mum and dad, I didn't mean to do all the things I did.
I love you <3

p/s : I learned something about myself too. I have to cry when I'm sad because 
it'll make me feel so much better. It's like I let the sadness go (ececeh, ayat aku pun kan :p)
and I can't skip sembahyang. because everytime I did, something bad will happen to me :S