Thursday, January 10, 2013

Losing grip

"'Cause lately I've been tired and uninspired"

I was reading my old blogposts, just felt like going down the memory lane and I realized that I have changed. I realized how passive and dull I am now compared to the year 2009-2011, like seriously. The way I talk/write is different too. Have I turned into that boring uncreative person? I'm not saying that I was creative before, I never was. But at least, by judging my old blogposts, I was more cheerful and perky. I was a funny person too, I was hilarious! Okay that might sound exaggerative but at least to me it's true lah heh. Okay this makes me sad. Y'know the feeling you get when you realized that you lived a better life before? Yeah, I'm having that feeling right at this moment. I hope we could turn the clock 4 or maybe 9 years back and be able to start over. Not to erase the things I wish I didn't do, but to re-live the happy life I once had. How I wish...

Haha I noticed how contradictory the title of this post and the previous one are.

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