Saturday, February 6, 2010

this is too cute!!! :D

DUDE! this is crazayyyy!!
this kid going to get so many chicks when he goes to school! LOL
he's like 5 years old and he played damn good!
This is the cutest thing ever that i've seen on youtube!
i mean, 13,336,586 views??? holycoww *facepalm*
  he is soooo cute when he suddenly scrunches his nose in the middle song! LMAO :D
and and, his face expressions are just too cute! nawww ;)
you might not be able to understand what he's saying but at least he can say "I'm Yours". HAHA
people, watching this video is a MUST!
kid, you make my day :)

p/s : thanks to FARAH NURDIANA for this awesome info! :)


  1. he is just too adorable ;)

    hi, my name's huril.

    i like following interesting blogs, if you don't mind ^.~

    btw, i'd like you to watch a video if you have the time heee =D

  2. oh hye huril :) thanks for linking me :))
    and ohh okay i'll watch that video :)