Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inspiration (Part 1)

enough with the sad posts already!
im over it.

hey people, my days have been totally boring. i mean, seriously. i may as well be dead because of the boredom but thank god i didn't. Since there's nothing to do at home, i've been browsing some fashion blogs. and i totally adore them bigtime! J'adore les gens. hehe :p God! i totally forgot my french :( sorry Madamme Wan Rafidah :( well, can't blame me because i've stopped learning french for about more than a year and that's a pretty long time.

back to the topic, these fashion blogs i've been following is vraiment  (means very :p) awesome! and they really inspire me. plus, i like how they dressed without showing off lots of skins and they are being completely fashionable! tellement chique! :p here's some of their awesome photos

You Can Be Completely Fashionable Without Showing Off Lots of Skins

Say hello to Betty from Le Blog de Betty Her blog is in french which is GREAT for me as i can recall back my french but no worries she had translate it to english too :) She's just soooo awesome and she has tons of clothes! and all of her clothes are uber-cool! plus, she is drop dead gorgeous! I like every inch of her. okay, that sounds a bit gay. HAHA. I don't care. I just love her! She's on the top of my list!

Next, this is errr i don't exactly know her name is because she don't reveal it but she's from Delightfully Tacky  This girl has a gorgeous hair! i mean, look at em! They are one of a kind! Her fashion taste is very vintage which i like and she love to do the D-I-Y stuff. FYI, her boots in the third picture is one of her D-I-Y thingy. Effing brilliant!!

hokay, that's it for now. Im featuring just two of my favourites since i suddenly feel tired of typing but there's more to come! So, stay tune if you want to see more :p