Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Biological Sister

My sister is home for this whole week. YEAY! :D
She's been living with my granny since her work place is at Bukit Jalil and my granny's is at Ampang.
So, she wouldn't have the trouble to drive all the way form Bukit Jelutong to Bukit Jalil everyday.
Besides, my granny is living alone in her house but now with the presence of my sister.
It's a good thing tho. At least somebody can look after my granny who is 70++ y/o. 

But, it's actually vice-versa. I think my granny is the one who looked after my sister =.=
FYI, she has put on a lot of weight now you know?
but still, she'll not be considered as people who have excessive fat.
I mean, before this she is super-skinny!
Now, she's doing just fine and she should thank my nenek.
My sister is a lazy-ass. So, she wouldn't bother to cook.
And as expected, my 70++ year old granny cooked for her every single day
but I wouldn't blame my sister and I don't think anybody should.
Mark my words, my granny is the best cook ever and nobody, I mean NOBODY can resist her food!
Everything she cooked is incredibly deliciouso! fantastico! magnifique! 
slrrpppp! (*air liur meleleh :p)

And my sister is not that type yang rajin untuk makan.
So, my nenek will layan her everyday.
She'll (my granny) serve the food and yada yada yada.
She have to place the food in front of my sister so that my sister will eat =.=
and my granny will remind her to eat every meal time.
If my sister doesn't want to, she'll force her to.
That explains how my sister gain her weight.

Kalau duduk rumah dia kurus (kak nurrul cakap)
Sebab dia malas nak masak (ibu cakap)
Dia gemok sebab nenek lah tukang masak dia (nenek cakap)

And yesterday, she lost her phone. AGAIN!
sheesh, how many times does she has to loose her phone?
If my calculation is correct, this will be the 5th time she had lost her phone
Melampau kan? 
Kak Nurrul. . .Kak Nurrul. . . =.=
Kalau plus all the kerugian, she can get herself and even me,a brand new iphone!
nasib lah nasib =.=

my nenek is very cute, kan? :p


  1. taklah, aku kata kalau campur semua duit hp2 dia yg hilang tu, baru boleh beli. hehe :p

  2. yeah your nenek is cute..just like mine..
    our neneks ARE cute..hehe :P