Sunday, October 2, 2011

Je suis paresseuse!

It's prolly morning in Malaysia, so good morning! 

Now it's still 1.50 am in France and I'm not sleeping. I know I should hit the sack by now but I can't. . .just yet. Why? Cz I haven't finished my assignments! Yay -.- Why? Cz I'm such a lazy girl and there's too many distractions! Let's see, there's Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr of course, blogs and FOOD! And now I have another 2 essays to be completed but I'm blogging instead. That's it, I'm a dead meat :(

Well that's kinda my exact situation right now. Surfing internet all day long while eating. And ignoring all those shitloads of assignments that I need to finish. Not good Nabila, not good -____-

Yup. If there's only one word that can describe me, it would be procrastinator. I'm really really good at it, you have no idea. Fyi, I have 3 days (not 2!) of weekend. Yet, I still chose Sunday night to complete all my assignments. What did I do last Friday, Saturday and Sunday (day)? I procrastinated (Y)

Now back to my beloved assignments!

P/S : All pictures do not belong to me.
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