Sunday, January 31, 2010

no more

no more watching the latest movie
no more eating laksa at the food court
no more teasing on each other
no more calling each other with names
no more walking to the pavilion while having a fun conversation
no more hitting on each other purposely on the way back to klcc
no more supersaver at night
no more messages that will end by a simple "i love you"
no more long messages at our anniversary every month
no more song sang by you before i went to sleep eventhough your voice is not putting me to sleep
no more "1 2 3" right before we put down the phone
no more leaning on your shoulder while sitting inside the train
no more carrying me on your back while going down the stairs
no more holding you arm which make me feel safe
no more holding your hands which is softer than mine
no more saying that im the most beautiful girl in your eyes
no more us
no more :'(


  1. nabila..seriously,be patient and strong..
    i do understand ur feeling right now

  2. One day there will be a person that loves you as much as you love him. don't worry :)